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Flour milling underwent a radical change during the 25 year period from 1875 to 1900. The drive for the change came from continental Europe and the United States, where new flour mills had been built containing sophisticated machinery developed in an attempt to extract as much flour as possible from the wheat grain.

For a period the UK flour industry was resistant to change and unable to compete with the foreign competition. In the new mills metal rollers replaced traditional millstones which had been in use for more than 2000 years. Wind and water powered mills gave way to steam and eventually electricity as the mill's energy source. Traditional water and wind powered millstone mills could not compete and very quickly fell into serious decline.

This book charts the roller mill revolution, its development and the milling industry today.

Chapters: 1.Introduction  2.Grain Cleaning and Flour Dressing Machines in Traditional Mills  3.Traditional Mills Leading up to the Roller Mill Revolution.  4.The Evolution of Roller Milling   5.Some Early English Roller Mill Plant Manufacturers  6.Some Surviving Small English Roller Plant Installations  7.The Growth of the Roller Flour Milling Industry  8.Wheat Preparation for Milling  9.Restructuring, Consolidation, Dereliction and Demolition  10.An Overview of the UK Flour Milling Industry Today.

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Rarely does a mill book attract such attention and well-deserved plaudits. Nigel Harris’ book fills a niche and bridges three centuries, well written and beautifully illustrated.

"I am impressed by both its content and its presentation. It is a most valuable addition to the available literature"

Your second big book (Wheat Flour Milling - -) is brilliant - exactly the info I've been wanting for years. Well done for all the hours spent researching, compiling and writing

An outstanding book

Nigel Harris’s tour de force. A remarkable example of the story of changes in technology, written well and profusely illustrated. The drawings of John Brandrick add an extra dimension to Nigel’s writing. Deservedly our best seller of the last 18 months!  - The Mills Archive Trust

Nicely produced volume

Learned a lot about a subject I wasnt really familiar with, but you have covered everything in depth which made the subject and the contents really interesting

Hope the book is as successful as the earlier ones you have written

Just received a copy of your new book and can already see how useful it is going to be in explaining the actions of all those 'brown box' dressing machines. Congratulations!

Fantastic book, especially for millers like ourselves! Excellent

Another excellent book from Mr. Harris